RIX Shipping offers a full range of logistics services, both using our own capabilities and in partnership with other companies. These services include, but are not limited to, transport, warehousing, stevedoring, freight forwarding, railway freight sourcing, route planning and cargo tracking.

We are a global freight forwarder of conventional and containerized cargo by road, air and sea. Our team includes specialist forwarders for all sorts of commodities such as general cargoes, pipes, sugar, fruit, frozen fish and meat. In addition to the transportation, all documentation, customs clearance and insurance are provided for import and export in Europe. We can accommodate your cargo with well reputed, major container lines.

RIX Shipping is well connected with many global networks of odd-size and heavy-lift, as well general freight forwarders. The members of these networks are all leading companies with proven expertise in storage, handling and transportation of cargo having special dimensions or weight.

We also have great experience and competence in odd-size cargo and provides solutions for all kinds of transport, including door-to-door, odd-size, heavy lift, and “just-in-time” cargo.


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